5 Brilliant Advantages of Aluminum Windows

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Side hung aluminium windows, also known as casements, provide you with a whole host of benefits. Aside from the energy efficiency offered by all aluminum windows, here are another five benefits that you can get excited about:

1. Open Wide!

Aluminum windows offer you a wider opening than any other window variety. Where most aluminum windows or otherwise, can only open to a maximum of about 90 degrees, side hung windows can be pushed even further than that if need be.

If you have a home that gets particularly hot and needs good ventilation, side hung aluminium windows are the solution. Their insulating properties when closed also make them a great asset in all temperatures.

2. Let The Breeze In

Leading on from the ventilation offered by side aluminum windows, they also provide a handy way to catch a breeze. We’ve all had those hot days where no matter how wide the window is opened it doesn’t help, and we wish for a breeze that never comes.

Just open the window to 90 degrees or a little less, and you are bound to enjoy the way it throws any passing breeze into your home.

3. Hooked On Safety

Many aluminum windows use hook-shaped latches that hold onto part of the aluminium window frame to keep it shut. This hook-shaped latched is actually a handy safety feature, as it cannot slip down to accidentally unlock itself. Also, this shape makes it much more difficult for to reach them from outside and slip into your home.

4. A Variety Of Design Options

Your windows are meant to be an attractive addition to your home, right? If you are keen on having fancy-looking windows then you are luck, because side hung windows have been around long enough for a wide array of designs to have become available. Anything from French to prairie grill or no grill styles, they’re all yours for the choosing.

If you want an aluminium window, you can also choose from a variety of colours aside from the naturally silvery look of the metal.

5. Easy Availability

All you need to do is contact an aluminum windows manufacturer and place an order. It’s that simple! And because aluminium is the third most abundant element in the Earth’s crust, it is also highly affordable.

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5 Brilliant Advantages of Aluminum Windows

Side hung aluminium windows, also known as casements, provide you with a whole host of benefits. Aside from the energy efficiency offered by all...

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