Did you know the FBI’s UCR program states that 58.3% forcible entry, 35.2% unlawful entry, and 6.5% attempted forcible entry happens each year in the US?

When burglars are determined to get into your home, the homeowners should be equally determined to keep them out.

They should be constantly aware of whether their home is properly secured or not. So, the leading locksmith in Saint Louis MO has listed a few tips to improve your front door security.

Upgrade the Locks

The lock we use is the most foundational part of your front door security. Ensuring that you are not using the wrong lock is of the utmost importance to improve the security of your front door. So, while choosing a door lock, you should consider the following concerns to find the right lock for your door.

  • Check whether the lock you are choosing is able to extend protection against bump keys.
  • Make sure that the metal is not so week to be broken with a blunt force.
  • It should withstand and fortify itself against covert and violent entry.

Talk to your locksmith in St. Louis Missouri to find out the current level of security in your lock and get tips to upgrade the same. This is the first thing one should do before moving on to the other aspects of front door security.

Security Screen

One better way to improve the security of your front door is putting another door in-front of your door. Security screens serve as the additional door and are made of perforated metal barriers that have room for additional locks. These additional locks are more likely to discourage destructive entry.

The perforation in the security screen enables you to see everything outside without even opening your door and placing yourself at risk to any awaiting harm.

Using a high-quality security screen means high resistance to destructive entry and more protection than a standard door.

Protect Lock Hardware

It is a well-known fact that making room in a door for a lock weakens the door at the points where the lock hardware is installed. To strengthen these vulnerable points, consider using slip covers to add metal content to your door. Get a slipcover that extends over the jam if the bolts securing the door are weak or exposed.

Monitor Your Door

Keeping your front door under close observation is a great way to improve your door security. Invest in the best surveillance cameras or some form of alarm or security systems to improve the security level of your front door. Nowadays, people make use of the notification protocols on devices such as smart locks and smart doorbells to stay safe at home.

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