What Can Whole House Water Filtration Systems Filter?


Installing a whole house water filtration system can help remove copper or zinc from your drinking water. Filtering these heavy metals may improve water taste and protect your family from health problems. Here are other water contaminants these systems can filter:

Excess Chlorine

Overchlorinated household water can have an unpleasant odor or taste similar to that of swimming pool water. Drinking water with excess chlorine increases the risks of health problems like sore throat, airway irritation, and breathing problems. If you have sensitive skin, bathing with chlorinated water may irritate and result in skin redness or itching.

Activated carbon filtration systems help remove chlorine from household water. This home water filter works by absorbing chlorine. Water free from chlorine is ideal for household chores like cleaning and washing, as it doesn’t cause bleaching.


Common sediments in household water include sand, silt, debris, and rust. Excess particles in the water may block your home’s plumbing fixtures, like pipes and faucets. Blocked pipes and faucets reduce water pressure and may cause homeowners to incur unplanned plumbing repair expenses. Dirt and debris in your drinking water increase the risks of health problems like stomach upsets and diarrhea.

Activated carbon and mechanical water filters are ideal for removing all particles or organic matter from your home water. These sediment filtration systems have tight, thick filter layers or walls that help remove particulate matter. Mechanical water filters use synthetic foam or nylon floss to remove small waste particles. Sediment water filters can help protect your home plumbing system from corrosion and extend its longevity.

Radioactive Materials

Radium is a common radioactive material found in drinking water. Water with this contaminant increases the risks of bladder or lung cancer. An ion exchange water filtration system is suitable for keeping your drinking water free from radionuclides. These household water filters work by replacing dissolved radioactive materials with beneficial ions. New ions help soften the water and improve its taste.

Magnesium and Calcium

Magnesium and calcium are heavy metals that tend to increase household water pH levels. Constantly drinking water with magnesium or calcium poses health risks, as the metals can accumulate in the blood vessels or bladder. These hard water minerals will also accumulate within your piping system, lowering water pressure. Ion exchange water filters effectively remove these minerals and improve water alkalinity. The filtration systems help swap these heavy metal ions with sodium ions to soften the water.


Chloramine is a more effective compound for disinfecting drinking water compared to chlorine. The high efficacy of this disinfectant makes it more corrosive. Household water containing excess chloramine has an unpleasant rotten odor. Water with high levels of chloramine can have unpleasant metallic or bitter tastes. Catalytic carbon filters can help remove chloramine from your tap water. These home filtration systems work by eliminating ammonia from chloramine water.

Arsenic and Copper

Drinking water with these heavy metals may cause health risks like bladder or kidney problems. Arsenic doesn’t interfere with the normal water taste or smell. Use an arsenic sensor to quickly determine the level of this metal in your drinking water. A metallic smell and taste may be signs of copper concentrations in your household water. A reverse osmosis water filter helps remove these heavy metals from water. This whole house water filtration system has a semipermeable membrane to help separate water from dissolved arsenic or copper.

Buy a Whole House Water Filtration System

A whole house water filtration system improves water quality by removing contaminants that cause bad tastes and smells. This system may also protect your piping system, showers, faucets, and other plumbing appliances from corrosion. Contact a reputable water purification company today for high-quality water filter installation.

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