Online control of the object became possible only with the advent of the Internet. Access to the network makes it possible to transfer to the mobile owner or his laptop everything that happens on the site.

For more effective work, specialists suggest using the dedicated IP address service.

At many providers it costs inexpensively and allows increasing reliability of the transferred information considerably.

If there is one camera on your object, you can set its IP address by typing it in the browser, to monitor what is happening from the computer or tablet. Such protection schemes are most often used in small rooms.

If the territory has an area that cannot be controlled by one device, then in addition to the camera, a router is installed. In this case, the IP address is assigned to the router, which combines information from all cameras.

It allows you to concentrate all data in one stream.For video surveillance through the phone for a large object, you can use the DVR. Sometimes it can partially perform the functions of a router by combining all the cameras into a single network.

Watch the video, as it happens, hidden CCTV:

The greatest advantage of such a system is the ability to track an object from anywhere in the world.

At the same time, there is absolutely no need to be distracted from work, it is possible to carry out control through a mobile phone. Such systems can be easily converted if you need to add a number of cameras or change the storage location of information on the network.

The level of protection when using such equipment is very high, so you can not worry about the reliability of the information and its safety.

Configuring ip cameras

Settings for the phone or tablet – what they should be?

The principle of video surveillance systems using a phone or tablet is quite simple. If you intend to use only one camera, then the presence of Wi-Fi in it is not absolutely necessary.

  • Each device of this type has an Ethernet connector through which it connects to a network with Internet access. Making out the contract, you need to specify that you need a static ip.
  • To view the information in the line “Address” of any browser is entered issued for your device, and you get to the page with the video from your camera. There are such models of devices that allow you to install video surveillance over the Internet and control the operation of the camera. The right reliable singapore home improvement options are there no doubt.

But before you watch the video, you must connect the computer to the ip camera via the UTP cable. Then, after entering the device settings, specify the address, login and password to connect to the network, which are also issued by the provider. The next step is to save and restart.

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